A very warm and sincere hello to all men and women out there in the world!

Another year! another day!…Even though none of us can tell what will be the picture for all of us here in America and the world in the new decade, but I know that whatever happen, we all as human being will be able to adapt to circumstances with courage and grace. As history of life proves it.

As for me, today is a very important day. It sets the first page of my journal about the life I am living. Of course I have had many days in my life. But today is the first day I want share with you my experiences, my feeling, my thought about the unusual, the weird… and yet the exciting and extraordinary life I am living each day.

My children exclaimed: “Mom, you’re crazy!!!”, as I told them I am creating a blog. But in my heart and my mind, I knew that it is time for me to share with you all the pasts, presents and the dreams I have had. I have set a goal of 365 days to write. It won’t be a giant or a beautiful piece of literature of any kind,  mind you that!. My English is very very simple and plain, and I know only enough words to describe my thought and life. But one thing I promise you,  the stories and the pictures of the life I live…are so worthy to see and to experience.

Well, that’s enough for today writing. Tomorrow I will give you the first peek into the window of a place that’s called: “L’olivo Italian Bistro”.

Till then, wishing you all a very happy and peaceful new year!.