Had a very good week for business. In this economy, especially in Ca., I can’t complain. This is the result from the long hard working of our team, the members of the L’olivo family. Here, at L’olivo, there is no boss or employee… We all treat each other like a brother or sister in a family.

Well, in fact, sometime this “loving connection” at work creates some kind of a problem. Like today, when Luigi showed up at work from yesterday disappearance. He came at 5pm and with a very grand, gentleman-like gesture, he slowly and proudly explained to Roger.

Luigi: “Well… I was drunk! I have to be honest with you.”

And then he turned to me with an even louder voice as I was busy trying to set up the tables.

Luigi:’ Magie!…I had a very strange dream last night. Do you know how to interpret dreams?

Mad like hell, I didn’t even bother to look at him.

I mumbled:”Dream…You think I have time to care about your dream! I ‘ve got lots of work to do.”

At that moment, he knew he better shut his mouth. He quietly went outside to the patio and helped Juan set up the tables.

He later came to me and grasped my hand and apologized.

Luigi:” Magie, please don’t be angry with me!. I know you are angry. I can see your face…this will never happen again.”

I exploded:” Yes I am very angry with you, and you know why? Because I don’t like people take advantage of my kindness. You are very lucky that We was ‘t that busy yesterday…if we were… You’ll be gone. I mean it.”

From my voice, he knew I was serious. He waved his hands.

“No, never again.”

We talked and laughed together ten minutes later like nothing happened. That how bad it is the way I behave with my employees. Can’t help it.

Otherwise, We all had a good day.