Sundays have always been peaceful days. That’s meant slow in business. But we don’t mind to have some rest after a busy week. Beside, I need sometime to work on my blog. I need at least couple hours to work on the introduction about my Ruggero (we call him Roger), the chef. The man who is the main character of my blog, the core of the business, the celebrity of the show.

Please don’t balk at the way I describe him. Because, if you could give yourself an evening to spend time with this man, he would sweep you off your feet and you wouldn’t even know it, seriously.

First, he is a fantastic chef. Any of our loyal and new client will tell you the same thing. Second, he is a marvellous entertainer. His piano, his melodies and his romantic voice will melt your heart while he watching you indulging on his homemade Pappadelle Bolognese or Fetuccine with Halibut in our homemade Vodka pink sauce…. I am telling you!.

To complete the evening, if he has time (usually, he is always busy in the kitchen), he will come out and chat with you. And boy!… to spend an evening with this man is very interesting. Because he will make you laugh, he will make you think, and he will carry your soul to far and away places from all over the world with his stories. Mind you, Ruggero speaks fluently six languages: French, Spanish, Danish, German, English and of course, Italian. These language accomplishment are the results from years of travelling all over the world before he landed to Los Angles.

Only the stories of his youth and of how he came to America will amaze you. Along the way, I will tell you all, so you will know more about this man’ s character and talents and passions. But for today, I think it is a good enough description about Ruggero, the man.