We love Tuesdays. These are days when the business sales are the slowest of the week. But we don’t mind at all. We close for lunch every Monday for shopping. Tuesdays are for us. Well, just half day. Because we have to open for dinner again at 5.

It’s enough for Ruggero to relax in the morning with his coffee and laptop. As for me, there is nothing more beautiful than staying in bed till 9:30 am and trying to memorize the dreams I had the night before. Since I was teenager, I have always dreamed, every night. Unusual dreams sometimes, but there are ones that somehow turn out to be predictions of some events which I later found myself in. I told my mom about the dreams back then, and she said I should write it down. I did for awhile, but as I grew older, I decided to  memorize instead.

Get my coffee at 10 am. Catch up with some news on internet. Check my email. Then it’s time to do house keeping, which means laundry, dishes and mopping the floor. By the time I finish, we prepare a quick lunch in our kitchen. Usually just a nice fresh salad served with sardine sautee’ in chopped tomato and onions and a loaf of bread.

I always make sure Ruggero has his nap every day. At his age now, 69, he needs it. Especially, in this restaurant business,  lots of stress and hard workings, I want to make sure we both have enough rest for the day. So, at 3pm, we always take half an hour nap.

Back to the restaurant at 5. Lots of works are waiting. Even though Tuesday nights are slow, but we have other works to do. While Ruggero was doing sausages, and stuffing his salami, I marinated the Halibut filets and chicken breasts. Lots of produce cleanings and boiling after that. Even though we have helps in the kitchen, but Ruggero and I always have our eyes on each production, and hands-on on every operation. It is the only way, especially in this high-end restaurant like ours, to ensure no mistake and sorry when it come to our customer satisfaction.

Later, as we  sat down and enjoyed our dinner, it’s time to taste our own products and make sure we satisfy with all the ingredients. Usually, it has  always been a pleasure. After years of doing business as chefs and restauranteurs, Ruggero and I know exactly how “perfetto!” a dish can be.

“Buon appetito!”