Woke up with a very strange dream. Do people believe in dream???. I asked myself all the time, this question. Because I think my dreams are always trying to tell me something. Once, I asked a Buddhist monk about it. He said that dreams are the images from one’s many past lives. And sometime, in dreams, the places and peoples we see are the ones we had had connections to in the pasts. I think at least, that explanation gives some sense to my many weird dreams.

Anyway, saw myself lost in a total strange place, and it looked like somewhere in Mongolia. There are faces I have never seen before, and yet they looked so real and I even had a connections to these strangers (not good ones though). I had an urge to leave  that place and for some reasons, the residents would not let me. I managed to reach to the border, a long cliff. Only to find that, beyond that cliff was a deep abyss. Got scared, I turned back. The community was having a celebration. Everybody was dancing and singing, and I saw myself trying to blend in the crowd. After that the images faded away…I woke up. So weird!!!

Enough with dream. Back to reality.

A very strange day too. The town was unusually quiet for a Saturday, especially now in Palm Spring, with this International Film Festival going on. But that’s all right. I told Ruggero: “It’s life! some days’ re up and filled with energies, some will be down. It’s normal. Just relax and enjoy peace when it comes.” He agreed.

One thing happened that made everyone laughed today at the restaurant. At dinner, while I was preparing the salad in the kitchen. Juan (we call him Juanito), a very sweet, polite, gentle and hardworking young man – the busboy – came to me and whispered in my ears.

Juan: “Maggie, Do I really look like OBAMA???.”

:”What!…” I almost choked with laughing.

Juan:” Yeah, that couple over there said I look like OBAMA.”

The man from the dinning room rose up from his seat to look at us. He pointed his finger at Juan and nodded his head repeatedly.

Customer:” Don’t you see?… He looks just like OBAMA!!!.”

I laughed and laughed with no comment.

Juanito just walked away and shook his head with his forever sweet smile.

I love this boy. He is so sweet.