Back then when I was young, my mother always said the same thing over and over: “Magie, do it now. Don’t wait till tomorrow what you can do today”. I used to bargain with many excuses, hopping that she would let me spend time with my friends first, and finish my tasks the day after. “Nope”, she wouldn’t let me. She insisted till I did. I got angry with her sometime but I did what she said anyway. It is a culture in Vietnam that children always do what their parent ask them to, no matter if they like or not. It is just one of the many ways to show respect to your parent.

Nowadays, I often hear myself telling my children exactly the same sentence, and I can see their faces look just like mine back then. Most of the time, they wait till the next day anyway, even if I hear myself repeat like a broken record.

“What a different between children in America and those in Vietnam!.” I thought.

At least, this discipline works for me. I like to complete my tasks as many as I can each day. And believe me, I have lots of them, constantly actually. So today, even though it was a half day off for me and Ruggero (we close lunch every Monday and Tuesday), I got many things done. One of them is to scan and download many pictures of our customers from years ago. Back then, I had only the regular camera and the print shops to work with. But this morning, “alleluia!!!…”. Scanner connected to digital camera, laptop emailed to laptop, and clicked…clicked…

“Et voila’ ” pictures are now inside my files, ready to post on my blog any time. All this works, I have to give credit to my son, Marc. Without him, this will never happen. To be honest with you, when it comes to modern technology, I feel like I am a blind and Ruggero is the man with one eye (at least he ‘s got one). So every time we need to do anything with computer…

Ruggero and Magie: “MARC… can you come here for a minute…”.

Tonight, I want to introduce you to some happy and friendly faces we met last night at the restaurant.

First, please meet the O’BRIEN family.

The O’ BRIENs are from Seattle, WA. They are enjoying the sun and all the luxuries from Palm Springs, and one of those, of course…GOOD FOOD !!!

Next, please meet Debra and her friendly co-workers.

Debra is the lovely woman who sat next to her friend on the right. They all were having such a good time.

Don’t you wish you were here to join them!