Most people are crazy about Hollywood, the celebrities, the stars. But I also have seen many, who are unimpressed with the crowds, the publicity, the flash lights and the big names. Ruggero and I are ones among them.

Not that we are careless or disrespectful in any way, on the contrary, we know how hard it is to make one’s name stand out from the crowds, and it takes true talents (well, there are many without a talent, still they succeed. Don’t you agree?) strength, and persistance to be a star. We admire them for that.

The only difference between us and others is that, we will not put up a fight  just to get close to somebody for a picture or an autograph. I know many, many people who pay hundreds, even thousands for a chance to stand closer to a celebrity for may be a handshake (my sisters and my daughter definitely will)…Actually, they impress me more than the stars do. Two of my sisters and their children one time paid $250,00 each to see a concert of a famous Hongkong singer and actor, who did a tour in OR. California in 1992. I remembered them coming home with red faces and wrinkled shirts. They all shouted at me as soon they entered the door.

“We almost make it! almost…so close!…” Everyone screamed between their breaths.

“Almost what???” I asked.

“To shake his hand!…We were only inches away from him, then somebody pushed us away and took the chance…Damn!”.

Amazed, I talked to myself: “Gee, you guys are crazy. Give me a free CD, and I’d be happy.”

Over the years, Ruggero and I have had total four restaurants and two bakeries. Through our business, we have had the chances to form relationships with a few stars, Paul Newman, Tony Curtis, Micky Rouke, Hector Alejandro…to name a few. We did and still do treasure the times we had with these extraordinary personalities. But as time gone by, the stars have their own life to fulfill and so do we. So we parted. All we have now is the pictures and the memories with them in our hearts.

Today, I want to share with you the stories and the pictures with these stars.

Tomorrow I will tell you about how we met Hector Alejandro and how we ended. So keep reading on.

This is  Tony Curtis and Ruggero in Caffe’ Roma in Beverly Hill, 1987. You can see both of them dressed casually. The stars are like us. They enjoy to hang out with friends just like we all do.

This is the world-famous soccer player from Brazil, Pele’

And this is Ruggero, the president of ADIDAS, and of course the famous Mr. T

In this picture (below), you see Mickey Rourke was trying to style Ruggero’s hairs, which of course, he would not let him. The men were just hanging out at the famous salon in Beverly Hill, Giuseppe Franco.

Can you recognize Mickey in his vest and the hat?

The year was 1986. He was taking a break during the filming of “nine weeks and 1/2” to hang out with Ruggero and the famous Mexican Boxer, standing next to him (Ruggero can’t remember the name of this Boxer, sorry)

Hope you enjoy the post and the pictures.