Yesterday I wrote that I would tell you about the memories of how I met Hector Elizondo. But other thoughts and conversations from today with several peoples at the restaurant have made me feel unrest and a little nostalgic. So I decide to change the subject. I will tell you about him the next day.

Instead, I would like to reflect on the after math of Haiti. As we all see, the images and reports from the news are stunning. It reminds me of other disasters from all over the world like the earth quakes in China, the Tsunami in Thailand and India, and the hurricane in Florida….All happened not long ago, and I am sure, these images still remain very fresh in our memory.

Growing up in my country during the Vietnam war, my family and millions of Vietnamese were going through the impeccable transformation from Capitalism to Communist and then from Communist back to Capitalism. The effects and consequences from this nation change had huge impacts on every citizen in Vietnam, the young and the old; the rich and the poor;  men and women…. Even though this kind of man-made social change do not have deathly waves like the tsunami or the unnerving quakes that bring down the entire buildings like in Haiti or China, but I, myself  have experienced and witnessed millions and millions of life destroyed or altered just as misery as the effect from these natural disasters.

In the end, all it takes is probably three to five years and of course, lots of money to rebuild a city that crumbled. However, it can take a life time to heal the broken hearts or to mend the destroyed souls.

My birthday is coming close (in a week). I promise on that day, I will tell you  about the journeys of my family and me. How did we survive the change and how we made it to the United State.

But today, what have I learned from my own experiences with this man-made disaster? And what is the meaning? The conclusion? of these unforseen quakes and tsunami?

One thing I learn. When the time comes for change, brave your soul and let life lead you to where you belong. You can pray. You can fight. You can do all you think is possible to protect yourself and your family. Yet, just keep in mind that, in the end,  no matter if it is “man-made” or “nature” – CHANGE –  is


And when it comes. May God Bless Your Soul.