As the red velvet curtain rolls up, the spot lights turn on, and the orchestra starts…

“Lady and Gentlemen, please welcome the FOLLIES MAN….Mr. RIFF MARKOWITZ…”

And there he is!…


Standing on stage is our dear friend Markowitz, the FOLLIES MAN, the MC, the host, the comedian, the star, the owner and the creator of the show. If the pictures of these stars on my post fascinate and impress you, just go to the address I write under his picture, you will learn more about this fantastic and phenomenon show.

But here, on this page, I want to show you a different character, a friend who is loved and respected by both of us. A man who truly inspires Ruggero and I with his visions, his talents, his charisma, his creative works…Above all, a man who has won not just our hearts but million of audiences over decades after decades with his gentleness, humor and his wisdom.

I really admire him. Just take a look at what he has created years after years and just think about how (especially in this economy) to keep the show alive,  vibrant, and fascinating for decades. It takes not only talents to do that, but a tremendous strength and an unwavering passion.

Ever since the day he and his lovely and gorgeous lady, LEILA  stepped into our restaurant a decade ago, our friendships just can’t help but getting stronger each day. Peoples who just see this man on stage,  under those bright spot lights will never know… That, under all the make-ups and apart from the microphone is a very gentle and private soul. Every time, when LEILA and him come for dinner at our restaurant, their favorite table is the one behind the wall in the back dinning room, always quiet, intimate and polite not just to us, but to anyone who happens to sit around.

I just told him about my blog last night and indicated that I would write about him and his show. With his ever gentle smile, he just said: “Oh, really!”.

And that, is just one of the reasons why we both love this man.