It has been a week now, since the whole world shocked by the Haiti earth quake. This tragic certainly will remain in the heart and mind of humanity for years via all media reports every day.

January 9th. 2010, a 6.5 quake hit California. People still has not finished talking about it yet. Then four days ago, at 4am, while I was still up writing my post in bed with my lap top. A minor quake of 4.3 hit Banning. The center of the hit was only about 20 miles (35 kilometers) from our home. I felt my bed was moving lightly and heard the walls and the roof shaking. For couple of minutes, I was on alert and was getting ready for action (after seeing Haiti, I think I am not the only one…). But after ten minutes, seeing no other motion, I signed in relief.

The Californians have been warned for years, and ready for what so-called “THE BIG ONE”. Nobody knows when it comes and how bad it will be. Personally, to me, I think we are already hit by this “recession tsunami” or I call it “the economy- quake”. The news, the polls, the reports of California financial crisis confirm this. If you compare the damages, the lost jobs, the devastation, fear, depression…Haiti or California, we are not that much different.

As I have written in my post “reflection on change over Haiti earthquake”, whether it is a natural or man-made disaster; earthquake or recession; in the end, the meaning is a LIFE CHANGE. And CHANGE, Californians or not, I am sure we all have seen and experienced already, each one of us in a very different and personal way.

Started from my childhood, and then growing up during and after the Vietnam-war, to live through these years and to witness how human beings cope and deal with life threats, dangers and the unexpected has me firmly believe that no matter what happened and will happen, human survives. We all have such strength and powerful endurance in us that just waiting to be discover. Of course, not ALL have that!…But, that is what make us different between “the strong and the weak”… and from that… LIFE itself will decide which  will be “the survived and the crumbled”.

I am writing this today, in hope that, with this insight based not only on my own experiences, but many inspired stories around the world (just look around you!), you will find comfort, strength, and faith again in our own human race.

Just remember that when life shows signals of CHANGE, be ready to be strong. Be ready to protect yourself and love ones, but don’t forget to show sympathy and compassion to other humans who are just like you ,trying their best to survive and save their family, this is “the key!” . And most importantly, don’t be afraid to CHANGE.

Then, Haiti or California, America or China, Thailand or Vietnam, India or Pakistan, Jerusalem or Palestine…the world will survive.

LIFE WILL GOES ON – with or without you!.