I have been spending times the last four days to introduce you to my childhood, but as I mentioned before, I still have to keep up with my journal about our restaurant. So, please forgive me to interrupt the story and to bring you back from 1968 to where we are today 2010 in California.

Yes, this is our lives ( Ruggero and I) here, everyday, in a little place called L’olivo. Business was down last week due to the  unexpected rains. It affected the entire town’s business, not just us. Palm Spring has always been known for its sunshine, and blue sky with golf courses and luxurious pools and spas. But last week, the entire valley was soaked with three inches of rains. Yesterday and today were the first days of sunshine, and yes, It’s so beautiful when the sun is on your side (I tell you!). Look at those mountains that covered with snows in the back drop and the shapes of palm trees against the blue sky, I can’t help but admire the beauty of mother nature.

We met a very interesting man today at the restaurant. His name is Anthony Pizzello. The first thing he asked as I approached him was :” Do you know where I can play Bocce?” I was lost, so was one of our server. I had no idea what did he want and what he was talking about. He could tell by looking at our faces.

“Is the owner here?” The man asked, without knowing one of the owner was standing right in front of him. Of course, who can imagine an Asian woman runs an Italian cuisine???…

“Ruggero!” I called. “Somebody wants to talk to you.”

“Yes, what can I help you?” Ruggero came out from the kitchen.

“Do you know where can I find the place to play ‘Bocce’?”

“Oh…Gosh! Let me think…the only place I can think of is ‘the sons of Sinatra’ club here in Palm Springs.” Ruggero showed him how to get to the club which is not far from our place.

I could see they both were excited to chat about the game. Ruggero told him how it was played in the old days in Italy, and Anthony told him how he watched others playing here in the U.S.

I waited until Anthony left to learn more about this game which Ruggero has never talked about during our twenty years. We went on line to search and found some pictures to show you. It looks interesting, and well, I just learn something new today thanked to Anthony.

One among things I love about  the life of crossed-cultures is that there is always something new to learn every day. Ruggero and I are fortunate to be in a business where we meet new peoples from all over the world, day in and day out. And I tell you, it is such a beautiful world out there for all of us to explore and to learn.