It was a such a beautiful day, today in Palm Springs with sun shined, blue sky, cool breezes. Peoples walked leisurely up and down Palm Canyon street….The town is filled with tourists from all over the world. It is so fun just to sit on the patio and watch interesting peoples walking by.

We had some tables during lunch time. One of them was a table of seven guests, and three of them were my little new friends whom I adore. I took pictures of them and even made a short film while they were dancing. Look at their smiles!…don’t you fall in love with these guys?…

Mean while, Ruggero was busy walking across the street where there was a twenty feet customized truck parked just in front of us. I have some pictures to show you how cool it is. This truck quickly became a show of its own, and stopped all the traffic that was driving along down town.

Have fun with the pictures and hope you had a good sunday too.