I skipped my posts for the last four days. I guess I did not miss any thing or may be, one (I checked my account, only one visitor). However, I still feel guilty myself for not keeping up with my commitment. So here I am, going on with my solo journey. Well, as I committed, I never quit.

Actually, the last four days have helped me a lot in keeping my feet to the ground after over a month flying all over the places with my works and my blog. Ruggero told me last night at the restaurant when we were having dinner together: “Gosh! How much can you write?…Peoples write blog once, twice or four times per month, they get tired and bored, you are unstoppable!…I guess it’s natural for you to write.” With the grilled Salmon still in my mouth, my jaw dropped. Suddenly he gave me a new perspective about myself I never thought of before.

He is right!. I have a restless, a sleepless, and a fluid mind that goes on and on with thinking, observing, organizing, contemplating, watching, analyzing…You know, I can go on and tell  many “ing”, “ing” and after “ing”, “ing” again till you get dizzy. And I tell you, I can do many things at once like working on projects, finishing tasks, running errands etc. with no problem for days and nights, even for ever. Anyway, that’s not my point.

The point is, I did drop down every thing to really spend time with my loved ones and had some good quiet time for myself for several days. The Chinese New Year Eve is approaching. By tradition, we have to clean up the entire house before New Year day. So I am in the process of doing that. I spent more time listening to my son when he talks about his school and had some time joking around with my daughter. Ruggero and I watched some movies together. It was nice just to relax next to him and enjoy some good shows.

Last but not least, I saved one day, yesterday to wash my fish tank and took care of my little buddies. Hoorey!!! Poor little fishes!…I had not taken care of them for a while ever since I started blogging. It is time to give them some love too.  These little ones I had three years ago from Washington state. When I moved back to Palm Springs, peoples told me I had to give them away or sell them. But I did not have a heart to do that. So I brought all nine little fishies with me (1000 miles) in three plastic bags. Along the way I had to open the bags many time to blow air inside so they can breath. We reached Palm Springs after two days road trip. We were so tired and so were the fishes. Three of them could not make it. They died. The rest, as you see, still alive and happy here with me. I love them.

So, I am thankful for having these loving connections in my life. They really nail me to the ground and keep reminding me that life is not just working and dreaming in the cloud. But at the end of the day, love and peace is all and what I need.