Throughout my life, I have met many men and women whose lives, works, and creativity give me tremendous inspiration. Back then I had no opportunity to keep a record of these stumbled upon meetings. But from now on, I am going to dedicate one category of my blog to keep track and to share with you the stories of these wonderful and exceptional spirits. Mind you, the peoples that inspire me are neither from Hollywood nor politicians or hero of any kind. They are just ordinary workers, artists, business man and woman, a loving father or mother, a son or daughter etc.  I admire these men and women by the way they live, act, and express their talents, passion and love in a very private, simple, and unique way. Every time I meet a person that inspire me, he or she makes me feel I can live the way they do. I can create, and achieve something like they have. Those feelings are so wonderful and I believe not just me but there are many others in this world who will love to know and see these faces of inspiration.

And today, I want to start first with a woman I just met three days ago, Vicky Shea. At first, as I saw her sitting and having lunch with her mother, I had no idea who was the woman I was about to find out. By the time they were about to leave, Ruggero and I came to say hello. Only ten minutes into our conversation with Vicky, I could sense she is a woman of higher level of thinking. Even though by the simple way she dress and with her no make-up and not even a jewelry on her body, I was impressed with her charm and way of expressing herself – humble and simple – yet very knowledgable and dignified. I was very much attracted to her, so I asked if we can keep in touch by exchanging our informations. Finally, as Ruggero and I said goodbye to her and Cesarina, her mother, I got her email and website and Ruggero got her face book.

Last night we logged on to her web address and there she is. We were stunned by what we saw and found. I was right all along. This woman is amazing. Just take a look for yourself at her web, and you will know what I am talking about. By the way, Cesarina (the mother) was very proud to tell me that Vicky is the second place at the marathon in Reno, Nevada not long ago (among her group age which is 40 – 45) . She has put me to shame when I heard that. But immediately right after they left, I told Ruggero: “You know what, I have made my commitment that I am to lose some weights and stay fit and healthy like her. If she can do it, I can do it.” Ruggero laughed at me as usual, of course. But he agreed that I should look at Vicky as my inspiration.

Till now, I still mumble to myself: “Gosh!, what a woman!.”