Today was a long day. Started from morning, Ruggero and I had to get up early to do a lot of shopping for restaurant. “It will be a very busy weekend for Palm Springs” they said. The city is expecting about 9000,00 bikers tomorrow to participate in the “Tour of Palm Springs” annual event, and already the town is packed with tourists from all over the places today.

Lunch time was not busy, so we tried to get as much done as possible. That’s meant lots of stocking and cleaning produces, marinating poultry, meats and fishes. As dinner time approached, we and the staff were ready.

At five o’clock,  “Boom!!!”, the restaurant was packed. Peoples sat every where in and out. The kitchen was bombarded with orders. I can’t remember if I was flying or running. Because I believe I was inside the dinning room taking orders one minute, then out and about everywhere to sit peoples with menus. Next thing I know, I was making drinks, jumping into the kitchen to help to get the food out, deliver foods to the table, making checks so peoples could pay their bills and get out etc. Not enough everyone was going crazy and stressed out, in between, I had to play referee to Ruggero and Luigi (one of our server) in the kitchen. These two men are unbelievable bullies when it comes to working together in a restaurant, I tell you. Luigi is quite a character himself. I will tell you about this man in a post next week. But tonight, I myself had to raise my voice (something which I rarely do and not comfortable of doing it) to stop these two from making more chaos and ruining the business.

Thank goodness and thanked to all of my helpers from L’olivo, every tables got their food and everyone was happy. I had to send away many groups, and couples, and families as to prevent from overwhelming the kitchen. My main concern was Ruggero. He just had a triple by pass surgery two years ago. I certainly do not want him to stress too much and over works. Money and business, I can always make and find, but not life, not him.

The “friday night fever” is over. Yet, we are preparing for the worst, tomorrow. For now, I am exhausted and ready for bed. Goodnight everyone. Hope you all have a good rest and good dream.