It’s Valentine day and as usual, we were busy like crazy at L’olivo. Even though everyone was exhausted by closing time, but we all were happy of doing a good job. Well, actually, Emilia had some difficult times to keep up with her orders, but as I had constantly watched her every step,  so as soon I saw her in trouble, I jumped in and helped out right away. In the end, our customers were happy and that made us happy too.

All the ladies who came at dinner today got a rose for Valentine. They were surprised and pleased. It’s so nice and beautiful to see people happy and in love. And I tell you, there is nothing more wonderful than to love and be loved. Being passionate and forever a romantic creature. I have to admit that I have fallen in and out of love many, many times through out my life. (in Chinese Astrology I am a tiger, and passion is just one of the games tigers are known for). I have known what is love and how love feels. When love hurts, it hurts really bad. But I also learned how to transform silent pain into beautiful inspiration (I forgot to tell you I do oil painting too). I guess many of you have had romance as well, so you know what I mean. Along the way of my blog, you will know all about my journeys of love in my personal story (please follow my posts in “About me” category). But because today is Valentine day, I will cut short  and tell you the story of how I met Ruggero.

Ruggero and I met 19 years ago. Every where we go, people always scratch their heads and ask: “How did you two meet? and where?”

Well, the day I met him, I had just recuperated from the biggest storm of my life. All just because in the name of love. The wound was still fresh and the damage of the past love was still a burden to me at the time. Then, one morning, I came to work as usual, and there he was. I used to work for a bakery in Orange County as a pastry chef. I have to tell you, I am a very good pastry maker and a professional cake decorator. My mother sent me to a baking school for a year when I was about twenty (in Vietnam). All that, I will tell you in detail in the future posts. But back to the day we met.

Ruggero had his own bakery at the time (with a partner). That day, he was on his tour of selling his Italian cake lines to the bakery where I used to worked for a short time. As I walked in, he was talking with my boss, Ms. Karen. As soon the owner saw me, she was so happy to asked me to handle Ruggero and made an excuse to escape the conversation. Because I was in charge of inventory and cake production, one of my job was to work with sale men to choose products we need. However, instead of talking business, Ruggero tried to talk me out for dinner. He came back many time to convince till one day, we did. And so, the rest is history.

Honestly, now to look back, I was not in love with him at that time when we decided to move in together after six month dating. Like I said, I had just recovered from a bad judgement, my  heart was broken and shattered. However, he was the one who gave me trust again. I knew back then that even though this man was not my love, but from his look and his smile, I could see he will be the one that will never let me down and hurt me and my children.

And I was right all along. Ruggero is a very special and good man I have ever seen. I am thankful for having him after going through so many storms and tragedies in my life, he has  given me and my children just what we need, Love and Peace. And for that, he is my Valentine not just today, but for the rest of my days here on earth.