Every year, starts from beginning of February till May is the peak season in Palm Springs. This is the time all businesses in Palm Springs have been looking for. Business during these months are very good. That’s meant Ruggero and I have to work extra hours and we have been constantly on the roads (double shopping time for L’olivo). All the snow bird population has arrived to Palm Springs from all over the states, mostly by planes and by cars. I have seen more peoples camping in the R.V parks with families in their huge and beautiful R.V. like Patti and Sadoka from Washington State.

Every Spring, like many other snow birds, they come to Palm Spring  enjoying the sun and golfing with their husbands. Sadoka even bring with her the rice cooker to make Japanese rice and has her own Japanese shows through satellite in the park. What a beautiful life! don’t you think?.

We all know America has been in recession, especially in California, for years now. But it amazes me to see how this town still bursting with energy and life. The spirit of the Californians as Ruggero and I have noticed are still very upbeat. Peoples still goes out and still enjoy and appreciate the good time with their families. No doubt, not only because Palm Springs is one of the most attractive and luxurious places for peoples to come to relax, but also the culture, the art, the landscape which is so interesting.

I am neither a professional photographer nor do I work for the city or chamber of commerce whatsoever. Believe it or not, beside ten hours a day, every day, working at the restaurant,  Ruggero and I spend at least couple hour a day driving around town for different purposes. And as we go, I see beauty in every corner and interesting people every where we turn. Fortunately, in today world, with my camera, I am able to capture these moments and the beauty of this town (I love it). I wish you were with us at those moment to see with your own eyes the contrast, the real colors, and to feel the real mood of the time and the day. Well, I want to share with you these moment and hope you enjoy these shots.

These three pictures below remind me of our uncle Sam. He is pointing his finger in every directions. Can you see?

Palm Springs at dawn.

The pictures below show we were about to drive into the desert storm one day. It was a bit scary.

Another storm the next day. This one was not too bad.

The pictures below are called :” Heaven and Earth”