Beside fresh and home-made pasta dishes which l’olivo is famous for, I have to show and tell you how good and wonderful it is to taste Ruggero’s productions.

Below are just a few of his signatures:

From left to right: Mortadella-Coppa-Prosciutto crudo-Salame with Walnuts-‘Nduja-Sopressata.

First, I have to say I admire him for his passion, his devotion and his perseverance of what he is doing every day. Beside playing music, entertaining our customers and cooking in the kitchen every night, Ruggero is crazy for making cold cuts day and night. As you see in this post all of his productions. The processes of making these are unbelievable painstaking and time-consuming, not to mention they have to be calculated by exact measurements. But that does not bother him at all. Once, he set out to do Salami or Sausages or Prosciutto or ‘Nduja…whatever it is, he is on. And I tell you, it is heaven to taste them. Our customers will confirm that. They keep coming back for more and more. Any way I thought I should share with you all this pictures of Ruggero and his signatures. Next time when you are at L’olivo, don’t forget to ask the server about our Antipasto. Taste them for yourself and you will know what I mean. Enjoy the pictures!.

Pre-stage of  Prosciutto Cotto:

In the process of making ‘Nduja

Salumi, Oh! heaven!!!…

Buon Appetito, every ones!…