Saturday morning woke up with the bad new from Chile got me in a serious mood and feeling down quite a bit. Like the rest of the world, Ruggero and I looked through the pictures and video on the internet, Youtube, and we were speechless. Unbelievable ! what mother nature can do to the earth. Every time something like this happens, it keeps reminding us how blessed we are, still in peace and still standing and living  safely in our home.

Just last month, after Haiti, I was curious and a bit anxious about the fact that California’s Fault has been a sleeping giant that is due to awaken any time. So I read all the reports and warnings on Google about “California Big One”. I have to say it makes me quite concern. But you know, in Asia, we also believe in destiny. Just look at the picture at the beginning of the post, can you see how many cars were thrown upside down just because they happened to be at the wrong side of the road?. Not just that picture but I am sure all of us have seen and heard many stories of peoples who lives were saved and spared even though they were there at the same time of the tragedy and on the same location. How did these lucky peoples survived and escaped? But not the other victims? That is a BIG and MYSTERIOUS question that make us all wonder why and how, don’t you think?.

Well, according to Asian belief, first of all, a human life and death is created based on the previous lives one had lived. And because it says that the circle of life is to be repeated by eon after eon, your actions that were made during those lives you lived will decide how you die, and eventually how you will come back to the next life again. They explain for example: let’s say in a collapsed building that kills hundreds even thousands of people, some were pulled out of the rubles or may be happens to be absent during the collapse and escape the tragedy. They are innocent or had done some good deed to human kind. The escape are their rewards. However,   those who were dead under the buildings perhaps in the previous lives had participated in the stoning of someone death or somehow connected to the mass killing of innocent people during war etc. Now it’s their turns to die in these conditions.

Anyway, it just a contemplation on death because of all the bad new and death toll in Chile. Please forgive me if I had made you confused or down. I, myself, have felt down for couple days too. There are too many bad news all around the world nowadays. I try not to watch new channels very often and stay away from Youtube and Google. It does help me focus more on my real life and the people around me. Every morning I am thankful for the sun over my head and the peace we, the Californians are enjoying. Someday, something will happen, but until then, I am intending to live to the fullest of each moment of my life and to help and to share the blessing with all other lives like mine.