Have you ever heard the word “Deja vous” ? I do, many time. Well,  lots of people believe that some time they come to a place or meet somebody by chances. And suddenly, they have a strong feeling that they had been to that particular place before, or that  they had met that someone somewhere, somehow way back…

According to Buddhism, mankind has many past lives before we all come to this life around. And during those lives’ journeys, the souls and spirits traversed on all different paths, places, countries….If it was truth, you never know if you were an Indios in South America, or were a cowboy in Texas or might be a Chinese warrior during Han dynasty etc. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it.

They said the soul never forgets. No matter how long ago things had happened, and how far mankind’s live has been pushed and washed away. Somehow, some day, when the soul meet again the familiar places and peoples, it will recognize immediately, even in a very subtle way. The question is: “Do you believe?”

Well I have experienced few times of this phenomenon. One of those rare occasions was when I first set my foot in Italy in 2007. Being an Asian and grew up in far away East Asia continent, I love and am very proud of the beauty of my country, Vietnam. Yet, after 16 years living with Ruggero, and after many delays, finally we made it together to Italy. Just by the first few days, I was speechless and confused as we were passing by places I have never seen before, yet, they were so familiar and dear to me. The buildings, the walls, the ancient light posts and the doors, the arts, even the cobble stones on the little narrow streets where we were walking over…I felt like I was coming home (still don’t know why).

Anyway, Italy and all that will be the subject of my coming posts in the future. Today, I am talking about “Deja vous” because there was a festival called “Renaissance” on Palm Canyon, the street right in front of L’olivo. Even though Ruggero and I have been up to our necks with works and schedules, I made sure we had some time to go and to buy tickets to support the event that brought my heart and my mind back to Italy again. This event happens every Spring in Palm Springs and last only three days. I used to bring my kids here when they were young and they loved it. Nowadays, since they are eighteen and over and have schools and works, they don’t really care any more (even I offered to buy tickets for them). But thousand of local residences and I still love it. Just by walking around and looking at the costumes and the lost old culture (how they used to live and play in the old days), I felt happy and nostalgic already. I have to go to Italy soon.

Under, you can see L’olivo had some visitors from the past. It was so cool to see the Olds and the Modern day suddenly met each other and even had time to have dinner together too.

Well fed and happy!…

Below are more pictures of the festivals. Enjoy!.