Two weeks ago, Palm Springs residences had a blast when (for the first time) these charismatic cowboys entered the Rodeo opened convention just two blocks away from L’olivo (we are on main street down town).  It was a big success for the organization as thousands and thousands of peoples from all over the valleys came out to cheer every day.

As a result, the Rodeo brought good sale days to all businesses around town. So we all were thankful for that, especially in this gloomy days of California recession. It definitely put a smile on our faces.

As foreigners to the Western culture, Ruggero and I (and billions of others) have been fascinated by the images of Cowboys and Indians chasing after each other in the deserts, etc. But it was the experiences through the screens back then. Nowadays, as we were standing in the middle of the desert ourselves and watched the handsome cowboys in magnificent outfits riding beautiful horses and shooting (it was just the shows)…, we were breathless and delighted. Below are ones among many pictures I took. I hope you enjoy like we did.

And this was when the director said: “Action!!!…”

Shopping around…

Ruggero found a nice hat and he wanted to try if he looked like a cowboy???…

But…may be because of the sun, or the light, or…something else that we both agreed he doesn’t look like one !… So I said: “My dear, I think you look great just the way you are… (I meant Italian)”. So we dropped the hat and moved on. Don’t you agree?.