As busy as we are, yet, when it comes to our good friends, Ruggero and I have always made sure we have time to sit down and enjoy the company with our friends. John Mcleod and his family are ones among them.

John and his wife Sari Gelfman (also his personal manager) walked into the restaurant one night, last year in November. L’olivo has just reopened five months. From the very first time meeting, we knew this will be a long lasting friendship between us, even though back then, Ruggero and I had no idea who were this couple. It turned out he is a famous country singer and song writer in both America and, especially Canada. Last month, one of his song was rated #1 on country music hits in Canada. Ruggero and I were so happy for him and his wife. We want to salute his success on this post and by the way, to introduce a truly talented artist to all of my readers.

Under, is an article about this talented man I want to show you. The Palm Springs residents welcomed him when he showed up at the Rodeo convention on grand opening day two weeks ago ( post 03/12/10 “when the Cowboys arrived to Palm Springs”).

Congratulation my friends, and may success and happiness be yours for all your hard works and talents.

John McLeod to appear at Palm Springs rodeo

John McLeod

Entertainer Spotlight

By Johnny Meza
For Desert Entertainer

Country western songwriter, international recording artist and singer John McLeod will be the Friday evening headlining act for the Frank Bogart Memorial Rodeo in Palm Springs March 12 through 14.

Songs from McLeod’s CD “Moving On” are currently being played on the radio throughout the world with his “Metis Indian Song” charting #7 on the National Aboriginal Top Countdown, “Nashville Nights” charting #11 on the International Country Chart Top 40 and “By My Side” charting #62 on the International Coun-try Chart Top 200. With a voice sounding like a cross between a young Buck Owens and his own distinctive twang, he sings and writes songs about living and working in the wilds of Canada and his experiences in Nashville and California. In other words they are songs of the heart, his heart.

Born in The Pas, Manitoba, in northern Canada, he is a Metis (pronounced may-tee) Indian, a mix of native and European blood and a member of the Ojibwa Tribe. His father was a section foreman for the railroad and he remembers his ten brothers and sisters singing for family get-togethers. He was three years old when he started singing. “My older brothers played guitar and had bands. There is a lot of country music on the radio of course,” said McLeod, “but later on I started listening to Rock ‘n Roll.”

At age seven he picked up guitar and he liked to perform in talent shows and in school and Christmas presentations. The family later moved to Prince Albert in Saskatchewan and he finished school there. He met some jazz musicians and began playing and writing songs. “I’m lucky that I played with some really good musicians like guitarist Lenny Breau, he taught me to sing in the groove.”

Joining the Army at 16, he served four years in the armored division. After mustering out, he spent the next several years working evenings with a country band, working as a bush pilot, getting married and raising a family. But he continued to sing, play guitar and write songs about life in general. “I got an offer to record an album in Nashville, but I couldn’t do it. I had a family to support.”

Moving to the United States two years ago, he made the connection with record producer George Landress, who brought him to the studio to record his album. “George heard my voice and he wanted me to record. He’s also produced Gwynn Stefani and he is also a great guitar player.”

Another person who has been very instrumental in his career taking a meteoric rise is personal manager and executive producer of his album, Sari Gelfman. Through Gelfman, McLeod has had the opportunity to perform his music in Japan and has been on a European tour promoting his songs. Keep an eye out for this congenial troubadour who writes and sings songs from the heart, his CD is climbing up the charts and it won’t be long before he’s a major player in the country arena.

Instruments: Guitar & Voice

Genre: Original country western and blues

Contact info: (310) 877-1277, Sari Gelfman Management, www.johnmcleod.com