For the last two weeks, L’olivo has been so busy every night. Beside the beautiful weather has brought tourists from all over the world to Palm springs, also Spring Break is another the reason for the crowded town.

Ruggero and I have been exhausted and we both have been battling our cold for days. Yet, there is no time to rest and relax. There are works to be done each day and we know when our clients show up at the restaurant – They want foods and services. So, there it goes, the cycle of…shopping, delivery, preparing, cleaning, cooking, serving, entertaining…all day and everyday, non stop. There were days, I woke up and did not want to get out of bed, but Ruggero would come and said: “Come on Magie! we are out of  salmon and chicken (or something else…)” And so the day starts all over again.

This morning too, even though we closed for lunch, but half of the day was spent driving to L.A. and then rushing back, so we could open for dinner at Five. My nose was so stuffy and my eyes were burning the entire trip. I have taken Tylenol for days, but so far that doesn’t help much. Oh well, that’s our life. The lives of restauranteurs, constantly on the move, non stop. It can be exhausting and frustrating sometime, but never boring.

There is one unusual happening which I want to show you. I let go one of the paintings I hang in the restaurant couple weeks ago. Two of my very good clients came for dinner one night and asked if they could purchase the painting for their home. I was shocked at first (did not expect that some one would interested in my arts). But as they insisted and looked like they really wanted. So I told myself to let go.

I painted sometime just for my own enjoyment and personal expression. Never I consider myself a professional artist. So I have no idea how much an art should cost. I gave away many of my arts to friends, family members or even sent two of my paintings to London as presents to the Queen of England and Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother (which I will show you in a future post).

Anyway, the painting below was inspired by the colors of the fall in Vancouver, Washington. Ruggero and I used to walk around our neighborhood every day. But one afternoon in September 2003, I was taken and was in awe by the deep and beautiful colors of the streets and the marble trees along the way. With my camera, I took lots of pictures as you can see. And as soon I came home that day, I knew I had some paintings to be made.

With two big canvases and several color pigments, the “Transformations” were created during that week. The names had some reasons for it. First of all, Ruggero and I had gone through some major changes during that period of time. Our lives were completely changed and transformed. It also happened to be in September, the fall season, when thousands and thousands of autumn leaves were flying and falling to the ground, the cycle of dying and renewing of new life.

Even though I felt a little sad to see the men carrying the painting away. But just like life, sometime one has to let go some old attachment so that new beginning can be done. Now I have to create another art work to replace the empty wall in the restaurant soon.