I really apologize to all of my readers for being away for the last ten days. Not just the restaurant was extremely busy (which has drained my energy every night), but I had some family affairs that needed my attention and time. so I had to put aside blogging for days so that I could devote my time and energy to take care of this important change. Family always comes first, before business and anything else. That is my commitment.

However, during the past ten days, at L’olivo, I met and made friends with so many beautiful and interesting peoples from all walks of life. Each individual to whom I talked with have given me though brief moments but have left impressive images and experiences in my heart and my mind. Actually, it has always been my pleasure to meet and to listen to the stories from these interesting people as my curiosity for life and compassion are bottomless. Ruggero said sometime that I am too nosy and am asking too many personal questions which he thinks inappropriate, but I could see these friends of mine thinking differently. I think peoples really love to share their feeling and special moments of life with someone who has good heart and good ears. No matter if it was a son who organized a birthday party for his 85 years old father like Richard and his entire family as you see in the picture below.

Or like Tania ( from Paris) and Janet (from Los angles) the two sisters who are still in moaning from the sudden deaths of their parents (just last week). Ruggero and I sincerely shared the pains and sorrow and gave our condolence to the two sisters.

Or the couple who were on a trip of love like this happy man and lovely woman from Canada for example. The three of us talked endlessly about love and of how their love started. I was really happy to share the unforgettable evenings and moments when they danced and enjoyed good bottles of wine, beautiful memories!….

But best of all, are the days I spent with one of my sisters, Nguyet. She has been here at my home for the last five days and we have enjoyed each other company a lot. Nguyet is my closet sister and been my best friend ever since we grew up together in Vietnam.

Actually you will know a lot more about her next week when I will go back to my routine to write about the journeys how I grew up during the war and how I got to America. Nguyet was very closed and by my side on most of our family’s journeys. Now, here in America and after twenty years leaving our past and our country behind, the two of us still talk and laugh about our dark days as well as those good and bad memories.

I love all my sisters, however, with Nguyet, she is the one that always reminds me that life is not just business and work and weariness. Whenever we are together, we talk of life meaning and of simple happiness like children, like home, like traveling…or even just a morning walk around my neighbor hood which I did not have time for quite some time.

So, now there you see, my new friends, my sister, my family, and you, and I, and many others…we are all bathing in this river of life. And what a beautiful river it is!. Don’t you think?.