There is nothing more happier than a family celebration. At L’olivo, we have witnessed time after time this kind of special event. And two days ago, on Friday, another party was celebrated.

Ruggero and I had the chance to host and prepared for this beautiful and happy family. The happy and lucky mother is Cesarina, a sweet and charming Italian woman. She was very proud, and in tears to tell me about her fine, good-looking daughters and sons, and how happy she was to see all her children by her side that evening.

It is really such a joy for me to watch the brothers and sisters laughing and joking with each other. They reminds me of the happiness I have whenever I am with mine. Us too, we joked and made fun of each other and laugh like crazy every time.

Some of my sisters and brothers are living far away now. It is very difficult for us to get together like we did years ago. We always say we should try to organize to make it happens, but because of work and each family conditions, thing has not worked out yet. Some day, we said.

Well, at least, I had the chance to share the joy with other families though. It is so nice to see the sisters siting next to each other and eating and drinking. I even laughed out loud when Ed, Cam, the two brothers, and sister-in-law ( Cam’s wife) were making a scene. Everybody was having such a good time.

Today, I really miss my sister, Nga. It is her birthday, today. She is now in Guam, half way around the globe, with her children. My sisters and I are very closed. Now that we are all in different places around the world, we feel even closer in our hearts. I am long for the day when all of us, the ten brothers and sisters can celebrate our union, our joy…like this family did.

Happy birthday my beautiful sister!!! I miss you!!! a lot…Some day we all will be together soon. And I know we have so much to talk about. I love you sister, be well !.