It has been almost 100 degree lately in palm Spring. And it’s hot, really hot. No matter how many year and how many summer I have experienced and felt the heat, I never get used to it. So usually, as May arrives, I brave for the worse.

However, as always, beauty of life is everywhere and in every day if you really look at it, even in the heat. Though restaurant business has slowed down quite a bit, I have more time now to live my personal live and to rest. Beside, I am counting each day till the day Ruggero and I going to Italy in September. I am dreaming about it already. I miss Italy and all the peoples I have met there very much. I don’t know why, but I felt like home every time I set my feet on the streets of Milan and Pavia (a small town outside Milan).

Anyway, today I am still here in Palm Springs, at L’olivo with many of my special friends and clients.

Most of the snowbirds have left town and yet, I have met many tourists from all over the world too like this young and beautiful couple among others who came to L’olivo from Germany.

Last but not least, we had time to celebrate another birthday of our friend, Paul with his buddies. It was a lovely evening and everyone was full and happy.

Happy birthday Paul !!!.

Another peaceful and beautiful day on earth, even in the heat of palm Springs!…