To all of my frequent readers, I really apologize for my absence for the last week. I was not feeling well like I normally do. I guess it was just overwork and stress. After a whole week resting and sleeping and exercising, I feel much better now. So I will continue to go on with my blogging. Got lots of stories and pictures to tell and to show you. But today, since we have a visitor from Italy, I would like to introduce you to this beautiful woman, Antonella.

Antonella is Ruggero’s only daughter. Ever since I met her long long time ago (It was back in 1994), till today, we are still having a hard time to communicate with each other. No matter how hard I try and try to study Italian, all I can do is still “Grazie”, “Benissimo”, “Buon giorno” etc. On her part, I can see she is pretty much at the same level. However, despite an ocean apart and a blocking wall of language, there really is a very genuine and warm-hearted feeling exists between us. I feel like we are sisters and good friends together. To me, I always believe, true feeling from a human’s heart is what make life so beautiful and is life’s true meaning. True feeling can also conquer and surpass ages, nationalities, status quos, borders and language….And yes, though it has been hard for me to break down this wall of language. But I have committed to study Italian each day till I speak and write fluently (no matter how long it will take).

Anyway, the good new is…Ruggero’s language skill. Everytime I need to tell her something, all I have to do is: “Ruggero!…how do you say this in Italian?”. Or Antonella will laughs and says something to him while I am standing there with wide opened eyes and and the curious ears. In the end I always learn some new words here and there. Not much, but for now, it’s good enough to help me following their conversations and to understand her needs.

I am so grateful that through Ruggero, I have met so many special, wonderful and beautiful peoples from Italy. With time, I will introduce you to all of them, one by one. As I have said many times before, and I will say it again and again, I don’t know why Italy is so dear to my heart. I love and think about it as if it was my home land ever since I knew Milan and all the landmarks and peoples in it. Perhaps, because I have an artistic and romantic blood running through my head and my heart just like the characters of the Italians.

Well, tomorrow and days later, you will see many more of Antonella and her journey in America. As for tonight, Buona notte!.