It was a fun day today with Lella (Antonella’s nick name). Between shopping here and there and working, we had some time taking Lella to a shop not far from our home. Like us, Lella had a good time looking at the art works, crafts and specialties of the Western cultures.

Ruggero and I used to work with leathers before so we know how much hard work and time consuming these crafts require. From the shining boots, belts, wallets, lady bags…to the laborate cowboy hats, jackets, whips, horse’ saddles etc. everybody can tell they were made originally here in the West and by skillful artists.

After enjoying and purchasing couple items for our friends in Italy, we took Lella for some sight seeing and pictures.

We had such a good and pleasant time, until Lella’s dress got stuck with hundreds of needles from a cactus plant where she was standing next to it for a pose. Then that was when she and I went crazy and fanatically picking out these little tiny killers off not just from her dress and legs, but our hands as well. Beside rescuing her from the cactus’ needles, we had also to fight back the desert winds that almost blew us away from time to time. It was a painful moment for both of us, and yet we laughed and laughed like children in the middle of the desert about our experience. We had good pictures too. So it was so worth the trip and the time we spent.

Well, “La vita e’ bella!” like they said.