To me and many and many peoples around the world, travelling and exploration are ones of the most interesting and valuable pleasures of life. There are so many things out there in the big wild world that everyone can learn and see and appreciate the beauty of life. Even just a short trip out of town to get away from the normal routine can be such a pleasure. And that was exactly what we did the last couple of days.

First, we took our guest, Lella, to Los Angeles. Well, there was not much to see  and to do there except walking around down town and shopping at the largest and busiest commercial center of california. We did find several items we liked. So it was worth the time we spent there. Lella got lots of pictures to show her friends later as well.

Today, we headed to another interesting destination, “Little Saigon” in Westminster city. Lella had a good time there shopping for her souvenirs again and it was my pleasure to introduce Lella to Vietnamese cultures. I took her to a very authentic Vietnamese restaurant and had so much fun watching her experimenting and tasting the foods. It looked like she likes it (just some of what I ordered from the menu). So now she knows how Vietnamese restaurant looks like and how we prepare and serve our foods. I am sure she has a lot to tell her friends when she goes back home.

As usual, we rushed home at 4 p.m. so we could open L’olivo at 5 p.m. Business has been slow down as summer season is coming closed. Ruggero has a little concern, but I keep reminding him that this is our time to rest, to enjoy our private life, and to prepare for the next season of the coming year. We have so many things on our list that need our attention, and now is the time to focus on these and to get them completed. He agreed.

Start June, it’s summer season here in Palm Springs so, every year, around the end of may and June is time our clients come to say goodbye for their summer vacation. Already all the snow birds had left town and will not be back till November. Among the good friends and clients who leaving is Rift Markovitz, the talented man, the show biz man.

Lella got a chance to talk to him and got a picture too. Everybody was happy and relax as Ruggero was singing his songs into the night.