I love art and any creative expression of man. Beside my passion for painting I adore sculpture and any type of craft work.

Yesterday, thanks to my guest, Lella, I had a chance to enjoy a beautiful day in El Paseo, Palm Desert. As always, I have a habit of placing my work and my duties above all else. But since the business has been slow down, and since my duty is to entertain my guest during her two week stay, so I had a good excuse to break away from my routine and drive her to this destination which is only half an hour away from where we live.

And what a treat for both of us !.

I had been in this town several times, many years ago. But mostly just drove by quickly. This time, as I had time to really look around, the entire town has been changed and renovated. Arts, sculptures and interesting cultures present itself every corner I turned. Lella and I gasped every time we found a new piece of art. We took time to really observe, touch and admire the fantastic works of these contemporary artists. These moments actually made me feel like I want to create again. The inspiration is what they call when you look at art and feel an urge to do something creative and beautiful.

After that, we had another good time at Barn and Nobles. Another passion of mine is reading. So of course, I got several books and Lella too for her friends at home.

We finished the day at the street market in down town Palm Springs.

Good food, good shopping and interesting crowds. A wonderful day for both of us.