Life is a constant cycle of beginning and ending, of come and go, of “Hello!” and “Goodbye!”…We all know and have experienced that. Yet, it’s still difficult for me every time to say goodbye, and it usually takes me several days to ease my emotion and to get my tranquility back.

Leila left yesterday morning 4am. I was still sleeping when Ruggero and she left the house. We said goodbye the night before and I told her I would not follow her to the airport. I like it that way. So that in the morning when I woke up, I knew she was gone. Even so, I still had quite an emotional day!  kind of sad and down. A couple day more and I will be back to normal.

Anyway, on her last day, the three of us had a very exciting day though. We spent half day riding up the San Jacinto mountain in a cable at the tram way. it was such a scary and interesting ride.

We started out early so we could avoid the heat in the afternoon. it was such a spectacular trip from the bottom to the top and on the way down too.

We finished the day helping her packing. Already there were tears and sadness. But we know that life is a beautiful journey ahead of us and through it, someday, we all will be together again and just like the road that we took on the way home from Palm Springs Tram way.

Goodbye Leila! We will see each other soon, but for now, you will be missed!…