“Once upon a time, a baby was born…” that is how many stories are usually told in books or films, and yes, in real life too, that is also how a life starts, and a human’s journey begins.

Like trillions other souls who made it to this live on earth, a beautiful baby was born one day in Milan years ago. Her name is Antonella Serrati. From her very first pictures, everyone knew this little girl would soon grow up to be a beautiful girl and an adventurous spirit just like her father.

Even though father left home at an early age, yet Antonella was surrounded with love and care from her devoted mother and her grand parents.

Then years gone by, from a little girl…to a lively, passionate, independent young woman who by now has traveled far and wide. Inherited from her father’s character, this woman has set her foot on many lands and mountains, oceans and islands…Wherever she goes, peoples has always impressed by her beauty and her good spirit.

I knew and met Leila first time in 1993. We could not talk and understand each other at all. But we both have many things in common. Some of them will be passion for life, good laughter and mutual respect. We become friends ever since. I like her very much.

The last time we met each other (just last month), because she understands a little English and I do a little Italian, so we can communicate better now. She showed me how to get on a diet to lose some weight which I have been keeping it up even after she left. Ruggero and I enjoyed her time with us and really miss her a lot now that she is gone.

We look forward to be with her again in September and to end this post, I will show you a video clip of her and Ruggero as a surprise present for her birthday today.

Buon Cumpleanno Antonella! Bacioni!.