I thought at my age and with my ability to rationalize (about almost) everything, I knew how to control and suppress my feeling. Yet, the lost of Italy yesterday and the victory for the Argentina (the day before) has reminded me that the lion in my heart has not gone any where at all. My passion (for soccer and trust me, there are many more…) is still burning and it is roaring loud with all its might. Ruggero has watched me jumping up and down on the couch for several nights and screaming like crazy every time my favorite team hit the ball into the net. He was amazed and looked at me with disbelieve. “How can you not be excited?…Look how many thousands of peoples screaming with joy and perhaps millions more at home in front of the T.V. like us!…” I said to him as I realized my throat was in pain and feeling so dry (Gosh! I screamed too much).

And yes, today I was sad all day. No matter how much I tried to work and focus on something else, I kept thinking of Italy team going home. Well, it is life! (there you see! I am trying to rationalize again!…). But it is truth. No one can win forever. It is the “wheel of fortune” rule. You win today and somebody will defeat you tomorrow. I call it the mystery of life.

Well, fortunately, I have the restaurant business and Ruggero to take my mind off those negative emotions. Ruggero has a very good humor. He makes me laugh all the time (sometime he make me frustrated too) and the laughter does help to relieve most of my stress and sorrow.

Lately, we met so many tourists who came mostly from Europe. I think the summer vacation is about to start for many countries. One night, we met a beautiful Italian couple, Fabiano and Valentina, who turned out they are from Rovereto, Italy, the town where Ruggero and I visited two years ago. We took information and we hope someday we will see them again.

Last week, another young and beautiful couple came from Hamburg, Germany. Ruggero spoke German with them and we spent a pleasant evening together. He tried to convince Ruggero to buy a brand new model of Fiat 500 (he is working for a car advertising company) and to display it  in front of  L’olivo to attract more clients. We laughed at the idea, but still feel grateful for his advice and concern.

So, evenings like that meant a lot to us and these new faces help me to forget other sad news.

I am waiting for the Argentina tomorrow. How excited!!!.