We had a pretty good week. Not extremely busy like when it was in high season, but busy enough to keep all of us at L’olivo working. Knowing that after a whole week busy, there must be something missing or unprepared for the next few days. So as usual, I took a tour around the kitchen this morning to have a quick check.

Sure it was!…I found there were many things out of places and unprepared for the night. I remember years ago, I never take time to look and check into the refrigerators and freezers as I believed everything was taken cared of and was in its places. But that was back then, when the economy was very strong. We had over twelves employees working full time every day. Nowadays, we do not have that many people like before. So we have no body to rely on but us.

I have to say we have very good workers actually. However, they are all men. And you know, after all these years working in this food environment, I realize that even though some men are excellent chefs, or good cooks and good waiters…they are not very good at organizing and working in an ordering system. And to work efficient in a restaurant, we have to have a system and a routine that working in an order. So then, I have no one to rely on but myself.

I don’t mind at all to do the job though. It gives me a better control of food wastes  and food costs. Besides, by keeping tracks of all the activities in the kitchen, I can work well with not just Ruggero, but to our cook and other employees as well. The most important is that I know my customers will be happy with our excellent foods and the quality that, so far, very few can compete with us.

So, for several hours each week (especially on Friday and Saturday morning) I usually spend time doing that while Ruggero making gelato or pizzas. Before we could finish our works, customers started walking in the door and there goes another busy day again.

However, today, I want to introduce you to a very nice couple whom we knew for quite a long time. From the very first days of L’olivo, I noticed Leo right away when he walked by the restaurant every evening. He has a warm, sweet,  and friendly smile every time we waved at each other (after looking each other for several days). We did not talk or make any contact even though I was wondering who this man was and why he kept walking by the restaurant every evening. Then one day we started to talk. He introduced himself as a vet physician and he works at an office and lives not far from where we are. After that first contact, Ruggero and I were surprised and delighted one day when Leo and his lovely girl friend walked in our door. They came many times after that.

Even though we have never asked, but Leo tell people on the street to go in our restaurant every time he has a chance. We are grateful to him of course. That is why today I want to say to him: “Thank you Leo! Bon Voyage!… ” (They are going to Paris on Monday.)