I knew from the beginning (as well as everybody know) that The Germany is the strongest when it comes to physical competition. And in soccer, that means a lots. But then again, like million others (especially the Argentina citizens) I did have a hope that with their excellent techniques, the Argentina might have a chance to win the game.

Well, I was wrong and so are many others. Technique alone, can’t help them. Soccer is a game that requires a total commitment of everything. One factor alone will not work. it may for some countries at junior level like the U.S.A or Mexico and some more…But when it comes to World level, it has to be the best!.

And I have to say, The German is the best so far. I am marvel at watching how fast they run and how forceful and intelligent they play. Not only that, they play with a very good system of working together for a common goal: to bring honor and pride to their country. I can see that so clear in their eyes, their faces. It’s beautiful!.

Ruggero was all hundred percent wanting the German to win, because he thinks Maradona is arrogant and he can’t stand to hear him  talking. So he was happy to see Germany defeated Argentina. I agree Maradona is too but I told him from the beginning when the game just started that it does not matter what the coach said or behaved, it entirely depends on how the players play their game. Only half of the game time, I could see the players from Argentina were too weak and ineffective. It was such an agony for me watching them losing their hope and confidence as every minutes passed. And that is a signal of losing a battle.

Well, Ruggero is happy sleeping again now in his bed (we both got up at 6:30 am at our time to watch the game live). I still have too much electric (from excitement) in my body so I decide to stay up and do something else. Beside, today and tomorrow, many members  in my family are arriving to Palm Spring for a family reunion. So I have a lot of works to do now.

Goodbye Argentina!. It was a good game and you will be missed.