Nowadays, and especially in America, where material, physical and political worlds are major influences in human’s relationships, I have learned in many ways (sometime in a hard way) that to form a friendship with  someone whom I have not known for a long time is quite a risk. Believe me, meeting thousands of people all year round sometime give me confusion and headache. Everyday, I am still trying to look and recognize between a client (a passing by stranger) and a true friend (or at least, I call  “A close acquaintance”).

At the restaurant, I meet strangers everyday. My job requires me to greet, welcome customers and to make people feeling comfortable and at ease the moment they step in. I don’t know if it is because of so many years in this business, or it’s my nature to do this so well. Actually, one thing I know for sure. I am always and forever curious about people. The moment I get to see and talk to someone, I do not just talk friendly to them, my hidden eyes start to find and wonder what is the true identity behind this man or woman. I guess my interest in Astrology is always alert and awake. So yes, the problem is me. Whenever I talk to someone, it is not just me, the host, or the waitress in front of them that they see, but my soul too, engages in the conversations.

Anyway, my point is through the restaurant, by chances, I sometime found a very few good friends. It’s a very rare situation, but it does happen. Well, Ruggero and I found Alex. Alex is a professor from British Columbia. He came to our restaurant in July 2009. The first meeting gave us an impression that this is a very honest, dignify and gentle soul. Not because he came back several times after that, but the more question and answer I got from him, the more I know for sure he is someone I am so glad to call “friend”.

Another thing I found out about Alex is that, like me, he is deep into Astrology. He teaches Psychology too, by the way. And you know, peoples who study and understand Astrology, and Psychology, they don’t just look at people on the surface, they look at a very deep level into a person’s soul.

Well, I am always thankful for the opportunities to meet new peoples each day. I know that along the way, I will always find more and more special people like Alex and like some other friends whom I have found during the past year at L’olivo. Another young girl I met couple month ago, Fabio, is a very sweet and interesting character as well. We like to chat every time she visit L’olivo almost every other week.

Thank you Alex, Peter and Fabio…Thank you for let me know the wonderful you!.