The picture on the right side is the “E-ticket”  from an automatic computerized Traffic Enforcement Control System.  Ruggero received this Notice several months ago while we were on the road for a shopping day. He was shocked and outraged the moment the lights from the camera were flashing. We knew right away that was a signal of troubles ahead. And sure it was. A big fat ticket and a long court day schedule were sent immediately to our home within days. That is not to mention hours and hours he had to spend on line to complete the traffic school in order to keep his driving record clean.

Well, despite the cost and the troubles he had to go through which made him angry and depressed for quite sometime, I tried my best to comfort and cheer him up: “Look at it this way Ruggero, at least this incident is a wake up call. It reminds you that you have to drive more careful. Because lately, you have been drifting in and out of your mind a lot. That’s dangerous. And by the way!…you still look quite charming in that picture, you see that!… (That, finally put a big smile on his face right a way).

I am very skeptical when people ask me :” What do you think about computer revolution? Is it a good thing? or is it a bad thing that happened in life?”.

Well, even though with many bad things happen everyday in the world because of the easy access to internet through computer, nobody can deny the fact that computer has revolutionized the whole world. It is the power that be in every aspect of life nowadays. Everywhere we go, it is there. I can’t imagine what would people do if suddenly one day everyone wake up…the entire internet system were gone !!!… I bet, the whole world would go to war to bring it back at any cost.

I am with my laptop every day now. Not for work like many people do, but mostly for my pleasures and studies. I am thankful to the big minds behind Google, WordPress, Skype, Apple and many more to come. Because of them, humanity is able to communicate to each other faster, better and can stretch and utilize its talent, creativity and potential to the fullest.

As for me, beside communication, I love the fact that I can do researches and study any subject I want at my own speed, my own level  and in my own comfortable home too. Before, it took me years, money and efforts to attain a goal. Nowadays, all it takes is just a very small effort and time, and of course, a laptop and some software too.

Well, that is what I have been doing these summer days with my precious free time. It’s burning hot here!…by the way, in Palm Springs. Everyday wake up with 95 F. degree, and it gets up to 116 F. by the afternoon. Each time I open the door to go out, I feel like I am about to go into a baking oven. It’s terrible and unbearable !!!. But of course, we have to live and work. However, I love the fact that we have the entire morning to ourselves. Ruggero has been enjoying his hobby, watching the bike race “Tour De France”…Meanwhile, I am deep into my study of Anime Software and Graphic Sketch. One of the step I have to do to get to another project.

And…yes, it’s time now to take a rest before going back to work at 5 pm as usual.