Restaurant is a tough business. Beside achieving the status of being one of the bests, one of the most authentic, one of the most popular…etc. and etc. Then we have to compete with others who are the bests of the bests…Especially, today, in this turbulent economy, that competition goes even ten times harder.

Fortunately, with our skills, experiences, hard-working ethnic and a powerful will to succeed, L’olivo has been on the list of the best restaurants in the valley. Almost everyone in town knows or hears about us. That is a great achievement for all of us here at L’olivo.

But again, for competition and to stand out among the others, most restaurant here do advertising on television channels, radio stations, websites, or at least in local newspapers. For us, we believe in different strategies: we believe in the best quality of food and the best performance of services. And we know just give it some time, this business plan will work. Sure it does and has been!. The client list just keeps growing bigger and longer each day.

With that philosophy in mind, we have said “No, thank you!” to many marketing companies that keep calling us day and night. In the beginning (last year), we did have couple local newspaper to announce the opening of L’olivo. But after the first couple months, we stopped.

Last night, as I was having my dinner at L’olivo, Ruggero was sitting beside. He quickly turned  the pages of “The Desert Entertainer” magazine, one of the most popular newspapers just to see what is happening in town. Suddenly, I saw him jumping up while he was staring at the paper and screaming out loud: “Porca miseria!!!….What the heck I am doing there!!!” Looked at the paper, we both were shocked to see his picture appears on the page. I was laughing so hard at his expression of shock and then, his sarcastic comments made me laughing even harder. He kept shaking his head in disbelieve and saying: “They must run out of new or have nothing left to write about!!…Look at this old man!…Porca miseria!!… ( Poor thing!!…). Not just me who laughed like crazy, but our employees were laughing as well.

Well, I thought it was a little amusing story. So I post it here for all to see. To me, it is a very good picture of him and a very good compliment from the local newspaper to us. And I intend to invite this writer to L’olivo for a “Thank you” dinner soon.