Everyday go to work, I feel like I am dragging myself to hell. After so many years living int he desert, I am still wondering how did we end up here???. With so many beautiful and industrial city in America for doing restaurant business, why here? why in this desert valley?…

Well, some will say we all have free will to choose our destiny, but Asian, we say it’s our destiny to go where we are meant to be, for a purpose, known or unknown, of course. Each afternoon, I am frightening to look at the thermometer and knowing that it will keep reaching higher and higher each day till September. So far, it’s about 115 F. everyday. At night, the temperature stays around 95 F. Where we live, because it’s an open field of sand and rocks, so the currents of wind blow strong and wild. In winter, it’s freezing cold, but for now it’s  a plus and blessing. The temperature around our home is always 10 degree lesser than the downtown area.

Business is half busy to compare with winter season of course. Beside resting and enjoying our free time during the day, we are still running around at dinner time. Last night was an unexpected busy night during this summer season. All of a sudden, many local customers showed up, plus quite a few groups of foreigners like French, Holland, Germany etc. So we all had to run like crazy. By the end of the night, everybody was tired, but happy otherwise.

Again, many compliments from our customers as always. It ‘s a huge reward for us and we are happy to see our regular clients keep coming back too.

My sweet Fabio and her good friends.

Many more are from new local residents. In between, we also get to know some wonderful families from all over the world, like this family from Switzerland, who the mother herself is from Trento, Italy. As I looked at this family, they reminded me of a very dear family I know in Italy too. Especially the two young girls.

We are so thankful to all of our customers, and for that alone, I think the reason why we are here in this hot desert is well justified. Yes, it’s waaaay too hot to live here, during summer time, but it’s so well worth it to have chances know all these wonderful peoples. Beside, by the time the October wind arrives, it will be a heaven-like place, again, to live.

We all know it will be coming soon.