July is the most busy time for thousand of churches all over the states, when most couples tie the knots and say “I do” in America. I always wonder why in summer? My only explanation to myself is perhaps because students finishes their schools and the weather is perfect for parties and receptions.

Jessica and her friends: Jacalyn, Amber and Andre

Even though it’s hot in Palm Springs, but there are quite many wedding bells ringing around the valley. Last night we have a young and beautiful bride visited us. Jessica (the bride to be) was having the bachelor party night out with her best friends. it’s nice to watch these young girls having a good time and chatting with each others. They reminded me of my daughter Vicki and the thought of someday, she will be the same (she is only eighteen now).
Beside Jessica and her friends, there are many tables last night including a group of visitors from French.

The visitors from French: Roberto, Paola, Guillaume and Jaquelin

They said they rode into Palm Springs with their rented Harley motor-bikes and were having a good time traveling all over California with these vehicles. It was first time for Roberto to see the water mist-system in Palm Springs (we have at L’olivo too). He was impressed and asked me: “All this water and energy…just for cooling?…” I said “Yes, only for the desert areas”.

Also another nice family from Denmark. They were surprised to hear Ruggero greeting them in Dutch.

The Petersen : Cecilie, Karsten, Mikkel and Gitte

Finally, our two new friends who came last week on one early evening. They amazed us with their stories of traveling several countries in Europe, including Italy. It sure was an amazing and fantastic journey except the part where they had to cope with some troubles due to the different language and culture.

Thank you to all of you! my wonderful customers. Thanks not only for your time and your dinners with us, but also your stories and the beautiful you!…