Summer, the most busy time for world traveling season is almost over. Here in Palm Springs at L’olivo, we have been so happy to get to know so many world travelers around the globe. From France to Canada, from Germany to Portland Oregon, from Madrid to Tokyo or from Holland to Palm Springs…

The Groen family from Holland.
There at the table were Ron (father), Maureen (mother) and daughters: Lianne, Laura and son, Nick.

John from Oregon, USA.

Everyone we met had happy smiles and up beat spirit in the eyes. They told us how they traveled and what they have seen and learned during the journeys. “So beautiful! and so interesting!…” they said.

Beautiful little Spanish angels and their grand mother.

Of course we know the feeling and the experiences. We, ourselves can’t wait to fly away too. In fact, we are to leave in two weeks to Rome, and then Milan. Oh, and talking about Milan, it ‘s so cool to see people from Milan (Ruggero’s home town) to come to our place. We had the chances to serve dinners to several Milanese families the last couple weeks.

There were Angelo, Stefano, Renzo and Stefania and Viola from Milan, Italy.

Needless to say, Ruggero was very happy. It’s interesting to listen to their conversations. Well, I am not hundred percent understand Italian now (about fifty percent), but I could follow and laughed a little through the nights.

Alan and Sylvie Marshall from England.

The Howe family from London.
Many Britishers as well and they are so nice peoples. I wanted to take more pictures from many more different groups whom we met and enjoyed their time and their company. But sometime I was too busy and time just slipped away. So these pictures today are from the ones I had the chances to capture these precious moments.
Thanks to you all! my wonderful, wonderful guests. We have missed you already!…

Thanks to all of you for your time with us and best luck to you and your family for the days and years to come. And we, here, at L’olivo hope that somehow , someday we will meet again!…till then, “Arrivedeci!…”