A mist the racing with time and crossing off the list of “things to do” before Ruggero and I leaving for Italy, I took three entire days off last week to spend time with my two children. After a whole year busy with I, working and they, studying…this time we really enjoyed each other for the first time just the three of us, mother and son and daughter, like we used to years ago.

We went out for Sushi (Ruggero does not like Sushi, Italian!!! of course). I love Sushi and my kids do too. The food was not that great, but just to be with them in a different place beside our restaurant made me happy.

Then I drove to Orange County (one and half hour away) for two days visiting my sisters and their children so my kids could have some fun with their cousins. Lots of food again during dinners of course, and lots of talks and laughter. But the most important highlight and value of these three day trip were for me to talk to my son and daughter. We spent hours talking to gether even in the car while I was driving. Amazing how I realized there were so much important facts and things about the three of us that we have never talked about. Well, the facts about how they came to this life were very unusual is one thing. The reason why I never talk to them about it is because they would not understand any how since they were too young years ago. Now that my son is almost 22 and my daughter is about to turn 19. I can see they are at the ages of learning how to make judgement and learning what is the value of life and meaning of love.

During these three “emotion-packed” days, we were laughing like crazy talking about the good old days and yet there were times when we were crying together and arguing fiercely, just like any other family. But at the end of the nights, we always kissed “good-night” and a big loving embrace before the light went off.

To go to Italy without them make me feel little guilty. I remember taking them with me everywhere, wherever I travel or had vacation. Now that they are growing and living independently on their own with schools and private lives, it is very hard for the three of us to travel together at the same time. But I have made a commitment to myself that next year (if not, the year after because my daughter might have to finish her school program) the four of us will be on an oversea trip together.

Till then, we have to live our separate lives which I don’t like but for their future, I have to let them go, for now. I am glad we spent time together last week. Now we know and understand each other thoughts and deep feelings. I talked a lots about life value too so they know what their life means and how to make it worth living. I hope my children learned and got some valuable insight about their precious lives.

Now my daughter is back to her school in Vancouver Washington. Vicki is studying a four year program of Registered Nurse and she is dreaming and hopefully, will be working up her Surgeon Specialist with her work as a nurse in Emergency Department. My son Marc is getting ready for his second year in sociology and then will work his way through with that degree until he get his master degree.

I am so happy to see my children have dreams and determination to fulfil their wishes. I always tell them they can count on me to help them on their journeys whenever they need. As long as I am alive here in this life, I will always be their guidance, supporter and protector and of course, a loving mother till my last breath, even beyond.

I just want them to know , my love for them is forever, eternity!.