After many days cleaning and finishing my list and closing the restaurant finally the day before, Ruggero and I headed to Los Angeles airport 7:00 in the morning. Many cups of coffee did not help me much from the mistake of taking a sleeping bill the night before. I was feeling terrible all the way from Los Angeles to Philadelphia…then to Frankfurt.

At the end of the long, long journey…we arrived to Rome, at last.

And there were our dear friends Dario and his wife Miriam Natali!. Even though we both were exhausted, but the sight seeing along the way and the excited conversation between the friends kept us awake. We feel so blessed to have our friends invited and welcomed us to their home. Of course, food and wine were brought to the table to celebrate our union.

So much joy and so many conversations throughout the night. We had to decide to continue our subjects the next following days because we both were tired and yet the excitement and the interesting topics were still not yet finished.

“Buona notte!” We said as the night ended. Tomorrow and the next days we have many places and faces to see and visit. For today, “Welcome to Rome!…”.