We have worked so hard for months ever since L’olivo Italian Bistro opened in June 2009 that we forgot how nice it is just to spend a day free. And I mean completely free!…Not just work, but free of everything: weariness, planning, preparing, greeting, watching, even feeling…Today, all we had to do were eating, drinking, talking and laughing…

Then by the afternoon, laying leisurely on the long patio chairs, observing the different shades of the green leaves from the trees and bushes all around us, and just quietly breathed in the fresh air.

For a moment, all I heard was just the peaceful silence of the day. Only, now and then, the chatting from Ruggero and Miriam and the sound of the late summer breezes moving through the leaves reminded me of my existence.

Watching the long fields of carrot and corn laying side by side along the road on the way home and so many local restaurants and coffee bars standing next to each other around downtown where we are staying, I realized life here is so different with Palm Spring city. Over there we have cactus and mountains of rocks and the infamous heat. Whereas, here, I see more of green fields, ocean side live-style, and the obvious friendly, constant daily interacting among local residents, in another word, more human is what I mean.
Late at night, around 10:30pm after dinner, four of us walked a short distance from home to a coffee bar just around the corner.
Endless conversations and laughing again for another hour before we walked back home for bed time.
The ocean is our destination tomorrow, and I am ready for a good sleep now. Buona notte!.