No, sorry, that’s definitely is not my ship. I can’t even afford to buy a boat, not to mention that beautiful ship behind me in the picture. I just borrowed it for the moment to show you how beautiful it is at the Fiumicino harbor of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ever since I heard that phrase “Some day my ship has come” and the word “Mediterranean Sea”…I always wondered what is that means? and how does it look like? …Yesterday, unexpectedly, as we walked toward the sea, they both were right there, in front of me in such an impressive way.

I have to tell you one thing though, that I nave never felt safe around the water (I had two near death experiences with the ocean, hence I become nervous every time i am near the water). So, as I made a request to our dear friends Dario and Miriam that “Please don’t take me..” on their boat into the sea, no matter how beautiful was the deep blue sky and how magnificent was the blue harbor. Of course our friends said yes as they wanted me to feel safe and comfortable.

And so, the morning the four of us walked slowly from their home to the beach which only about ten minute just round the corner. And “E voila!…”

The sky… the sand… the waves… the sun….

Honestly, it was the first time after a long thirty years ever since the last time I saw myself touching and feeling the sensation of the retreating sand under my feet. And what a fantastic feeling!…Standing there on the wet sand and let the waves caressing my feet for five minutes helped me to take back all that lost time of running away from my bad memories for so long.
We walked along the sea side for ten minute more and then got back to the car so we could arrive to the harbor, just in time for the “Fresh catch of the day” lunch at a restaurant which located just twenty feet away from the water.

Fresh large prawns, black mussels, home-made spaghetti checca with garlic and olive oil…extraordinary tastes!!!…

Mind you though, these pictures are my business related documents, which I have a habit of combining business and pleasure where ever I go.Nevertheless, good food, good wine, good services, and good friendship made the day an unforgettable moment.

A long walk on the pier, passing by so many fisher men at work with their nets, watching the enthusiastic men waiting for their catches…(among them was one hot, handsome, young Italian like this fellow…hot!!!!)

On the way home from the harbor, we stopped by the airport to buy the train tickets for the next day travel to Bologna and then the fish shop to get some fish for our dinner later. Some gelato to cool down the afternoon heat and refreshing ourselves before heading home at five.
Miriam is one fantastic cook i have to tell you. I had to ask her the recipes and got some tips of how to get the fish and the potatoes so moisture and so tasty. I got the secret!…

An unforgettable day! for four of us I am sure. Thank you Dario, thank you Miriam. We are bless to be your friends.