Second day in Pavia, Milan…Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!…..
I have to tell you, traveling in Italy as a tourist, and yet, having family and friends beside you every step of the way is the best. After morning coffee as usual, we knew right away what would be the destinations of the day.
And so, by the time Antonella and we were ready, “Andiamo!…” (let’s go!). First, we had to take care of some business shopping. And the “Mercato della Domenica a Casteggio” (the street market at Casteggio) was our first location.

In Italy, especially in every small village or town, you can find almost any thing you need at these street market. From fashion clothes and shoes and jewelries…to fresh cut vegetable of the day, local cheese productions, salami, ham, fruit…you name it!. But the items on our list there were not for pleasure. That, would be after. Business comes first, and so we started to stroll up and down the street to look for the thing we need. Ruggero found things for his kitchen supplies, while I was delight to gather a whole bunch of restaurant decoration and table serving tools, fantastic!…things that you can never find in America or any wherelse, only in Italy.

Along the way, we were hungry of course. So, coffee bar is where everybody goes to for a good snack and drink in Italy.
You can see in the picture how much food you can have as long as you purchase a drink, any drink in these bars. So we ordered three “Aperitivo alla fruita”. A drink that is half sweet, half bitter…tasty!. And the snack bar is fantastic!…can you see how much food there are?…

To me, it was more than a lunchtime with all that food and drink, but to Italians, it is just a snacktime of the day.
After that we did more shopping, this time for pleasure. SHOES!!!!!!…..beautiful shoes, Italian shoe is one of my obsession. I had to be in full control whenever I go shopping for shoes in Italy. I did make mistakes the last two time here before, so this time, I pictured in my head the only shoes I need and quickly got out of the store, before my obsession took its power over me. So, Ruggero and I together seven pairs!!! (Heavenly, please forgive us!…).

Driving home in the afternoon, I was tired a little (still have some “jet-leg”). We decided to take a nap so that we would be ready for the reserved dinner at a well-known restaurant, not to far from where we are.

Dinner was reserved at 8:30pm, but we started to leave home around 7:30pm. The restaurant is located in Valschizzola A Borgo Priolo, Pavia. About half an hour from Cava Manara (the small village where we stay) to the restaurant, I enjoyed the picturesque wineries along the way. We passed by Montebello village, a village covered with hills of great white grape that make the famous white wine from Montebello. It was late afternoon, so the light went out quickly before I could see all this beauty.
We arrived at the restaurant which you can see in the picture with two stories building. The owner builded this restaurant on his own land and he and his mother cook their own meals to serve their guests.

I had no idea how many courses we were served during the dinner. I tried to keep track at the first ten or twelve appetizers, but after I lost it. Not only I could not say “NO!” to the hospitality but the unbelievable tasty of the food. However, at half way, I gave up while Luciano and the rest went on with their wines.

Another wonderful day of course, and I am so grateful to be here today in this beautiful country, Italy!!!.