Leaving some one you love behind, even just for a short time, is the most difficult thing in life I believe, at least for me. But there is always ending and then new beginning again. September 4th 2010, time for us to leave our dear friends from Rome so that we can move on to our mission in the next stop, Bologna.

After our morning coffee and the endless conversation, Dario and Miriam drove us to the train station. It was hard to say goodbye to these two friends, I tell you. Not just because of all the warm welcome hospitality they had given us the last four days, but it was the feeling of missing each other (and we were still standing there and looking to each other in the eyes) that made it so heart broken. But we had to go!….

So at 11am the train departed.

And there it was!…Bologna! “E’ l’ombelico d’italia” (the button belly of Italy) where it is famous for its Bolognese sauce. Ring a bell? Spagetti Bolognese!…And that was exactly why we wanted to come here. We have to try and judge for ourselve the legendery dish.

It is fabulous!!!…I have to say. After all day walking from train to train and from street to street around the center, finally we sat down for dinner at “IL SARACENO”, the restaurant just right on the street walk, surounded by plants and flowers. The moment we tasted the fresh made pasta and the bolognese sauce…Hm!!!!!!. It’s worth all the costs and the troubles I tell you. It is truth! a legend.

Next day, Milan station…

And there was Sisi! Ruggero’s only sister. A dilicous lunch “Lasagna con Carciofi” (Lasagna with artichoke) was waiting for us in her kitchen in Milan. It’s so zummy! but I keeo remind myself that I am on a strict diet (I finished almost my portion though, please forgive me!!!).

4pm, Ruggero and I headed to the world famous PIAZZA DEL MONDO.
I wish everyone can be there at that moment on this day. A fantastic place on earth that one should visit at least one in a life time. There is no word to describe the feeling of a human being looking at the energetic interactive mass on this square, full of energy, colors, movements. I will put a video I made yesterday on the blog for all to see. But I will need my son to do it for me when I come home. Because, I don’t have the technique knowledge to do that, sorry!!!.
Anyway, we walked around the square for two hours, not even finished half the entire location. I was exhausted though and my feet could not bear to walk any more (after all the train stations also).
We sat at the steps in front of the cathedral and watching groups and groups of enthusiatic young Italian boys and girls dancing, cheering and walking leisurely up and down the grand streets, a fantastic scenery.

Got some gelato again in the bar before we leaving the square to go back to Sisi.
From there, Giampiero (Sisi’s husband) and Sisi drove us to Pavia, a small town just fifteen minutes right outside Milan where we would meet Antonella (Ruggero’s daughter) and stay there for our entire last week here in Italy.
Tomorrow, time for us to roam Pavia and to get all things we need on our lists. That’s meant, shopping time!!!.