I have been here twice before, and I have at least about five hundred photographs I have made around this village during these three trips (including this time). Yet each time I go up and down the streets of this small town to shop, to eat, or for what ever reason, I can’t help taking out the camera and “click! click! click!” again and again.
I love history, especially world history, and the stories from the Roman time always fascinate me. So, naturally, whenever I am in Italy, my fantasy and my imagination are in full force.

Like any visitor from all around the world, I am impressed, of course with the Vatican, the Sixteen Chapel, the Coloseo, the Cathedrals, the world famous fashion squares center etc. However, personally, it is the old reddish bricks on the broken walls of the abandon cottages, or the thousand year old gates and entrances of the ancient castles, monasties, large or small around every corner of this village that fascinate me the most, time and time again.

Each time I pass by or stand next to these old buildings, I like to touch my hands against the walls and feel the cold sensation running through my skin. In my head, I try to imagine who were living here in these locations hundred (or may be thousand) years ago. Who were these charaters? and where are they now? Is there still any spirit hiding behind those broken windows and locking doors?…

Another beauty about Pavia that catches my eyes are the endless green fields of corn, rice, sun flowers and grapes. everywhere we go.

The house of Luciano, a friend of Ruggero’s daughter, where we come and stay is located just around the corner of the ten thousand square meters (go figure) of rice and corn fields.

I had the pleasure of coming to the field two days ago to watch Luciano and his helpers reaping the harvest. In Italy, whenever somebody needs and calls for help, the whole village is coming. Only in several days, with the help of his brother in law, his friends, his neibors, Luciano got all his risotto stocking nicely in the warehouse.

Antonella took us today to the bridge Ponte Vechio Coperto in downtown Pavia to pick up her custom leather handbag from a little shop near the bridge. It’s interesting to watch local residents from the old age to young boys and girls sitting along the bridge to enjoy the afternoon.

In between shopping for business and pleasure, we tried to meet with some good friends, old and new along the way.

Last but not least, Italians love with passion. And they are not afraid to show. We drive by everyday a corner with a beautiful display of someone who is madly in love…

Translated: “Between your love and my life, I choose your love. Cause, your love is my life”.

Well, I am not a professional tourist writer, so there is not enough words for me to explain and describe the beauty of Milan and all the small towns around here. They say “the picture’s worth a thousand words”, so I post as many pictures as I can on this post for all to see. Hope you enjoy!…