If I had lots of money like George Clooney, Lago di Como (Lake Como) would definitely be my second residence.

It’s the second time I came to visit this lake region. The first was in January 2007, and it was very cold and windy. Yet, the first impression was so strong that it kept haunting me for the last three years. So I had made a commitment early this year to myself that this time, back in Italy, I would come back to this place to satisfy this unstoppable desire.

So, I did.

We started out from Milan. Normally, it takes just about an hour of easy drive from Milan to lake Como. But the freeway often get packed at traffic hour just like in Los Angeles. Well, I have to say now after seeing the traffic here in Milan and Como that I have no idea which one, Los Angeles or Milan, is more crazy.

So, after about fifteen minutes (which should take only five minute) getting around Milan, we headed to the freeway which was much better, and faster.

Only the driving to the lake by itself is so worth the time. We passed through so many small villages with colorful old century houses and villages, the symbol of Italy that nowhere in the world can compare.

By noon, we reached Lago di Como. We were hungry so we decided to stop by a small restaurant just by the water to rest and to eat. The food was good enough to satisfy my hunger, but it is not important. We have places to go.

Adriana and Giampiero introduced us to the Villa Carlotta,Tremezzo (Co). A magnificent estate that belong to a famous politician and wealthy Italian family during the fourteen century. You have to come here to see it for yourself. Because, first of all, all kind of electronic devices is strictly prohibited inside this museum-like estate. They don’t want any tourist or local to take any picture inside. Second, I have not enough word to describe the unique and beauties of the magnificent interior as well as the arts displaying in each room of this art-loving family. It is out of this world! seriously…I took many pictures of the garden that surrounded this place though. It is ok to do that.

This garden was designed by the Duke himself who was passionate about the tropical and the biology life of the earth, plants and water. It took about two hours just to finish one side of this estate garden, which required lots of walking up and down the hills. I was exhausted and refused to go to the next side.

To our pleasant surprise, there are some unexpected new friends too.

So, if you ever have a chance to visit Italy, Lake Como is a must-see destination. You have to go! it is so much worth your time and money. Hope the pictures will bring you some interest to this world famous Lago di Como