With the facts that, first of all, I am not a professional travel writer, not an American by blood… ,so it is very hard for me to describe to people in the United State all the uniques and beauties of Milan, and how is it like, the lives of Milanese people?.

Well, living with Ruggero for almost twenty years, an Italian man born and grew up in Milan. And now, it is the third time I have visited this city gives me a pretty clear the picture of life here and how a Milanese lives.

To me (and I am sure to many peoples), it is the land of fantasy and the realization of imagination.

If you come here just for a week or two and visit only the tourist destinations, you will not learn much about Italy and the characteristic aspects of this city.

Even though I have the fortunate connections to the family and friends and of all the time we spent here in Milan, still there are so many places we could not make to visit, no matter how fast we raced with time each day.

Like I said in other posts, beside many famous castles and cathedrals and squares and monasteries…each and every individual small village along the way is a place of its own and a story by itself.

Here and there, we always found traces and tracks of the ancient world and the remarkable forever lasting architectures.
But most of all, the glimmerings from the golden rice fields in the sun set and the impressive grape hills with their restaurants and wine manufactures on the sites that capture my heart forever. I am madly in love with it!.

Time was running out, and we are not finishing our shopping list yet. So, back to the “Il Doumo” center with the subway.

From there, we entered into the “Galleria Vittorio Emanuele” just on the right side of the “Il Doumo”.

I have many pictures but can only show you some on this post.

Another night with our family in a very popular and crowded local restaurant, run by a young Chinese woman (amazing huh!!!…). And this Chinese woman, she knows how Italian love food. So you can imagine, food…food…and food…(O God! I gained at least three or four pounds just in two weeks).

Well, only one more day left, and we need to say goodbye to friends and family, and here we go again, cappuccino and espresso with our dear family and friends.

Packing time was waiting for me at Antonella home. When we left the U.S, we got only two suitcases. Now I had to make sure all that shopping fit into fours, which mean lots of pressures. But, all that had to get in those four case, no matter what.
Well, we need a very good sleep now for the long travel the next day.